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Great Ways To Help Your 6th Grader Practice Spelling

When you have a child, teaching them to learn spelling can be a bit tricky. It can also take a lot of time. Most of the parents help their kids practice spelling words by reciting them out loud and also writing them. You need to make a list and use a lesson plan template word.

However, the learning process can get very boring after a while. So, what are some of the best ways that you can make spelling practice more enjoyable for your child?

Here are great ways to help your 6th grader practice spelling.

Playing word games

There are word games that are designed to help your child learn words. These games are great since they provide your child with a copy of the spelling list and then providing them with the correct letters. They then have to figure out the words that fit in the blanks and enjoy the game as they fill all blanks.

scrabble tiles

Using crosswords

One of the best ways of helping your child practice spelling words is by designing crosswords. Apart from that, it can also make your child a great fun of crosswords. You can do a puzzle out of your Child’s spelling words, and they try to connect them to definitions.

Building words with objects

Let your child build their spelling words using objects like letter blocks. You can also put things like rice, sand, and shaving cream on a cookie sheet and have your child write the spelling words on the tray using their fingers.

Letting them type

With the advancement in technology, many kids are beginning to love typing. Apart from being an important skill in the current world, it also helps your child learn their spelling words. This can be through typing them on the computer more often, and the words will stick.

Using cut up magazines

Copies of magazines from your local library can also be a great source for your child’s learning. Take some old magazines and cut them into various individual letters. You can then paste them into your spelling words for your child’s learning.

Using small objects


You can also spell out various words using beads and cheerios. When you create different letters using these small objects, you involve your child’s sensory experience on memorizing.

Practicing shape patterns

There are different ways you can use to practice shape patterns with your child. This includes drawing the shape of the word or your child creating the word shapes with their body. This helps them get active and have fun as they practice their spelling words.…

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