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Important Things to Know About Dance Mat Typing

We are in the age of computer and technology. For this era, touch typing has prevailed, and it has become a necessity. Many people including business people, scientist, teachers, student and many other employees are using a computer daily.

Even owl on laptopcommunication is evolving around computers; a good case is the teleconferencing platform which has allowed meeting to be conducted successfully through the internet. We can say, touch typing has become imperative to all people. It has allowed people to be in a position of working quickly, easily and without applying much effort.

Things to Know About Dance Mat Typing


Ideally, it refers to an act of quick typing without using sight in the process of determining the keys. It involves the use of ten fingers without necessarily removing them out of the keyboard, what you need to do is just slide your fingers. Currently, several offices require the employees to possess these skills.

Statistics shows that people who cannot touch type can write only thirty-five words per minute whereas those who have the skill of touch typing comfortably and efficiently type a minimum of 65 words per minute. In this dynamic world of time saving, it is crucial for all to see why touch type is of a greater value


There are many games meant to help kids learn. For instance, dance mat typing is a very interactive game which takes people through the introduction, tutorial, and review of how to touch type. It consists of different stages with different keys. Users need to know how to touch type stepwise. This will make a user get it easy in the hang of touch typing.

As a player, you are going to interact with some colorful cartoons; you will as well communicate with them. The cartoons will quickly guide the user through all the stages. The game teaches the user how to use letter key, punctuation mark and how to capitalize words quickly while maintaining the speed.

Other benefits

The typing has some health benefits. It allows the use to:

  • Keep spine straightkeyboard and mouse
  • Keep wrist comfortable
  • Keep overall posture relaxed
  • Lowers the risk of health problems that come when one hunch in the keyboard for longer periods

To concludes, there is a broad use of dance mat typing globally. The majority of the world population at a point must use a computer, with this we can say people of all occupations and ages can quickly benefit as a result of these games. It is never too late for anyone to learn these games. This is a skill which will remain useful to you for an extended period.…

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