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The West Campus Apartments

One of the biggest investments you can every make is to invest in property. Real estate rates increase every year, and it is vital to buy your home before the prices go way up. Not only does uptown deal in west campus apartment but you can also get a property to buy.

If you want to make a choice on the properties up for sale, then you need to look at the ones below. The west campus apartments are usually in demand especially when the university is in session.  You can choose one that suits your pocket and is large enough for your family.


Estate Selma Hughes

The estate Selma Hughes property is located on Lake Austin and allows you to have a beautiful view of the lake. It isapartment interior built on 10.35 acres. It was built in 2001 but has been remodeled, and it now has a modern touch.

It has 12 bathrooms and nine bedrooms, guest casita, pool, office space and slip boat dock. Additionally, this property is gated, and it also has private balconies. The list price of this property is $12,980,000.

Costa Bella

If you love nature, then Costa Bella is the property that you should buy. It has a beautiful view built on 16.65 acres. Costa Bella has Italian architecture, and it also has quality construction.

It has eight living areas, eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms and imported tiles and stone columns. When you buy this property, you get a perfect view of Lake Travis. If the weather is hot, then you can relax in the pool. The asking price for Costa Bella is $9,999,000.

Crystal Mountain

The crystal mountain was built in 1994.This property is a beautiful piece built on 1258 acres. It comes with a pool and waterfront. The asking price for this two storey building is $25,000,000.

It has five bathrooms and four bedrooms. It is a big property that also allows you to have a view of nature. Crystal Mountain has panoramic views that allow you to breathe in the fresh air. It is just the perfect place to call home.

Bernardsville Mountain

girl on bedBernardsville Mountain is a beautiful place that was built in 1886. It is built on 32 acres. It has a total of 22 rooms, eight bathrooms, three powder rooms and eight bathrooms. It also has a basketball court, two pools, and a gymnasium.

It is among the great American states. This three storey building does not have a waterfront. The asking price of Bernardsville mountain property is $15,000,000. If you would like to have a quiet environment, then this is the property to buy.…

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