Spelling Games for Fifth Grader

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It is important to teach children to spell properly. There are many games through which they can find satisfaction and desire to learn. First of all, it is best to make a list of words for fifth graders, or find some of the existing ones. The spelling bee words 5th grade is ideal for the fifth graders. Later on, the best way to motivate them is through games, competition, and remuneration.

General information

Find the Word

kid writing on board Word Find is probably one of the oldest games there is. It can be played on the Internet or at home. When the game is played in home and off the computer, all a person needs is a pen and a paper. Draw a desired square and remember to list the words that the fifth grader is supposed to locate in the square. The next step is to fill the square with letters and provide the thought-off words in the same square amongst all of the words.

Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank is a simple, yet effective game. The game revolves on writing words on a paper whilst intentionally leaving some of the letters out of the words, or in other words leaving blanks. This way, the fifth graders will be able to see the words and remember most of them, and logically interpret how the word should be filled. This helps imagination, and it also requires innovation and concentration.

Word Pyramids

Word Pyramid is one of the best spelling games for fifth graders. The game is in a form of a Pyramid with the highest line containing one letter (the first letter of the word) and the second line with two letters (the two first letters of the word), etc. This way, fifth graders will learn to distinguish words from beginning to their end. With more complex words, they will be able to understand their roots and consistency.


This is an excellent game where a fifth grader can practice spelling, sight words, and typing in the same time. The game is played on a computer and it has a story. The fifth grader is responsible for saving the Earth from invading “spellerz” by using their typing skills to type the words that flash on the screen. The game has a possibility of creating custom words for a desired grade. Also, the number of words can be set too. Practicing sight words is an excellent way to remember the correct spelling of the word.

Spelling Space – 5th Grade

teacher and kidsThis application features 556 words that are perfect for fifth graders. Their spelling lists are divided in the same order in which they are given at schools. The Spelling Space remembers all of the grades that the child got on the test, and this way a parent has control over his learning process. The game also features a Mini Game of shooting asteroids to keep the fifth grader intrigued and engaged.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

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You can register to attain qualification as childcare professional either on face-to-face classes or online. This course is recommended for individuals interested in developing a career in childcare or running a childcare Center. Click here for more information on the diploma in early childhood education and care. Let us look at what it entails:


Units to undertake in the course

school supplies Throughout the period you will be taking this course, you will study several subjects enumerated below. Promoting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety, development of cultural competency, ensuring the health and security of children, provision of care for children, and promotion and provision of healthy food and drinks complete the first five. Provision of care for babies and toddlers, development of active and respectful relationships with the kids are the first seven units.

Approved learning framework

The next seven units include the use of an approved learning framework to guide practice, establishment and sustenance of a healthy and safe environment for children, fostering the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in early childhood, and nurturing creativity in children. Facilitating compliance in care education services, establishing and implement plans for developing cooperative behavior, and implementing strategies for the inclusion of all children completes the list.

Children’s agency

The third group of units includes promotion of children’s agency, Analyzing information to inform learning, designing and implementing the curriculum to foster children’s learning, and embedding sustainable practices in service operations. Working in partnership with families to provide appropriate education, care for children, working legally and ethically, and identifying, and respond to children and young people at risk. You will also learn about the provision of an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting, maintain work health and safety, lead the work team, and develop and implementing policy.

Professional titles

A career in early childhood education and care is lucrative and rewarding just like any other. Upon completion of this childcare course, one can become a child development worker, a nominated supervisor for children’s services, children’s service manager, coordinator, program leader, Center manager, children’s advisor, team leader, and childcare worker.

Course requirements

abacus A student planning to fulfill the requirements for the qualification and graduation with a Diploma in early childhood education and care must go through 938 hours of training. 240 hours of the total number of hours is for practicum 1, which takes place eight hours per week in a childcare Centre.

Another 128 hours are for internship 2, which is a block seminar taking four days a week for four weeks. The next 144 hours are for student’s own time reading, which should take between three and four hours every week. The remaining 426 hours are for weekly face-to-face training for 38 weeks.